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Join our growing community of recognised technology leaders and provide your customers with plug and play verification services that provide another layer of security.
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Why work with Evident Proof?

Competitive advantage

Enhance existing platforms. Develop competitive advantages through offering unique improved workflow / data security and compliance.
Attract a wider variety of customers by offering a “plug and play” unhackable data service.
The EP platform offers you revenue share opportunities. Increase your market share through cross-sell / up-sell opportunities.”


Generate new revenue streams.
Evident offers its partners a monthly usage-based pricing structure.

Ease of Deployment

The Cloud-based Immutable Proof As A Service (IPAAS) can be up and running within a few minutes of the client’s registration.
In this demonstration, we are using our NuGet package and Visual Studio. Our tools also support open source IDE’s and development environments. View here

What is Evident Proof?

Evident Proof is a token based service that converts documents, transactions, and data events into immutable, unhackable proof.

Providing evidence that can be used to meet compliance, provenance and other data verification requirements.

See our introduction video to understand our services better.

Evident Proof - Turning data into immutable proof - ISV Leaflet


Evident Proof Developer

A dedicated platform with a wide range of pre-built developer tools – to help make integrating with the Evident Proof platform quick and easy.

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Our partners


Partner support

Education and Knowledge Transfer

Our senior management team have delivered knowledge transfer programmes to both the Microsoft and Oracles ISV and SI’s channels. We have a track record of success in educating and training partners and developers.
Our programmer is designed to support our partners through the entire sales cycle from proof of concept to after-sales.
Case studies are available identifying industry-specific benefits and ROI’s that can be attained by leveraging the power of the Evident Proof platform.
From integration through to support of live solutions we help our clients succeed.

To understand how evident proof can add value and increase revenue streams to your partner channel, please contact our partner manager now on +44 (0)118 380 5520