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Delivering Immutable, Unhackable data verification solutions.

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What is Evident Proof?

Evident Proof is a token based service that converts documents, transactions, and data events into immutable, unhackable proof.

Providing evidence that can be used to meet compliance, provenance and other data verification requirements.

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Why use Evident Proof?
We separate Fact from Fiction

Evident Proof turns data, documents, processes and transactions into immutable, unhackable, proof and provenance chains. It delivers evidence that can be used to meet compliance, provenance and other data verification requirements.
At the press of a button output proof certificates that will stand up as evidence in Court

Proof of Concept with Microsoft

The first proof of concept was developed by members of Microsoft and Berkshire Cloud co-founders of Evident Proof

Watch video: Berkshire Cloud Ethereum Blockchain Provenance Solution

Successfully Proved

An immutable and verifiable database could be created using blockchain and Ethereum.

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Meet our CTO

Matt Roden - CTO Evident Proof

Our Chief Technology Officer discusses why the immutability of blockchain is a fundamental part of the platform and how Evident Proof is leading the way in helping organisations prove data integrity.

Hosho Audited
Hosho Audited - 100% Rating

Evident's Smart Contracts have been audited by Hosho. Click here for the Report.

Our advisors

Our senior management ran Microsoft and Oracles ISV channels. They have a track record of success in engaging, educating and delivering platform tools and services to ISV, SI and the development community

John Henry Clippinger Ph.D.


John is a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab’s Human Dynamics Group, a distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute for the Future, on the Steering Committee and Advisory Board of the Blockchain Ecosystem Network (BECON), and a former Chairman of the ITU Working Group on Identity and Authentication. Previously, Dr. Clippinger was founder and Co-Director of The Law Lab at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. He was also a Senior Fellow at the Berkman Center where he co-founded Project Higgins, an open source, and identity framework to give users control over their personal information

Michael McClary

Director - Microsoft & Advisor

Michael is passionate about working creatively with partners and global brands and is a specialist in business management and strategy, building partnerships and partner engagement processes, cross-group strategy, presentation and public speaking and emerging and innovative technology.

Eamon Flavin

Security Advisor

A co-founder of two successful IT security businesses, and with 30+ years of IT security experience, now working with Evident Proof, advising on security strategy and delivery for all aspects of its business and service offering.

Our team

Adrian Clarke

Adrian Clarke

CEO & Co-founder

Ex-Microsoft CTO & Innovation Director, Blockchain strategist and serial entrepreneur

Ken Boness

Ken Boness


Disruptor, Computer scientist, business advisor

James Anderson

James Anderson


Visionary, iconoclastic, computer revolutionary thought leader

Matt Roden

Matt Roden


Blockchain strategist, Chief developer and tech entrepreneur

Martyn Knight

Martyn Knight


M&A, corporate funding specialist financial leader

Gary Ford

Gary Ford

Creative Director
Gary Ford

Ian Taylor

Commercial Operations Director

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Interview with Adrian Clarke, Founder of Evident Proof on the EPT Token Sale.

Adrian Clarke is the CEO of Evident Proof, a blockchain platform built to provide innovative Data verification and proof services. Evident Proof is making the processing and storage of data more efficient and safer, this includes operational data management and data events for compliance, risk verification, business reporting and various other due diligence purposes. In this interview, Adrian will be discussing the Evident project and the opportunities available to us.

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Brian Mcclafferty Co-Founder at Evident-Proof.Com – Date Verification and Proof Services.

Evident Proof is a blockchain, Ethereum and token-based service that turns data into immutable proof of evidence chains. They aim to deliver immutable data, provenance and proof services to businesses and enable proof and provenance services to individuals. Many organizations worldwide are increasingly required to justify and verify their data activities. This includes operational data management and data events for compliance, risk verification, business reporting and various other due diligence purposes.

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GDPR compliance and Blockchain

How are two of the biggest technology issues of today linked? There are concerns that the now-active General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and distributed ledger technology are incompatible, most likely stemming from the notion that, by virtue of a blockchain’s inherent public and transparent nature, it is far too accessible to be safe for enterprise use.

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Can Crypto Culture Tolerate Regulation?

When the Bitcoin whitepaper was released by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, it spawned a following of cryptocurrency enthusiasts embracing an ethos of autonomy and decentralisation. It stands to reason that, when the regulators come knocking, this following does not take kindly to their efforts.

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Top Considerations for CISOs When Consolidating Information Security Solutions

18 infosec pros share the top considerations for CISOs when consolidating information security solutions. Many CISOs seek to consolidate information security solutions to reduce their security clutter, cut costs, and simplify the management of information security overall. But there are many considerations CISOs must weigh to inform these decisions, such as redundancies, costs, integration, demands on internal IT departments, and more.

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Evident Proof and Swytch Partner To Capture Energy Production Data on the Blockchain

‘Immutable Proof’ service and sustainable energy blockchain will use IoT devices, data aggregators and Open Oracles to drive renewable energy use Evident Proof, the Ethereum blockchain and token based service that turns data into immutable proof of evidence chains, has partnered with Swytch – the blockchain platform for sustainable and renewable energy – to create a proprietary blockchain that will be used to capture energy production from generation equipment.

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Verifiying you've been forgotten – only the blockchain can do that

The blockchain can help businesses and individuals be confident that their data has been deleted. When the dot-com bubble first started inflating, it was impossible to imagine how ubiquitous constant connectivity could become. Today, of course, nearly everyone has multiple internet connected devices that they access almost constantly throughout the day.

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Battling counterfeiters with the blockchain

Blockchain can be an important tool for businesses to combat outside threats, argues Adrian Clarke. For any manufacturer, the supply chain is a crucial operation. Manufacturers need to know where their supplies are coming from and how they fit into the various stages of the manufacturing process. Increasingly, outside entities are also interested in the origins of a company’s supplies or where and when an item was manufactured — from consumers interested in buying goods that are environmentally friendly or non-exploitive to government entities enforcing standards.

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Evident Proof launches a blockchain-based service for ‘immutable proof chains’

Co-developed with Microsoft UK, it is designed to generate legally viable certificates that can back such claims as product origin, machine maintenance or 'forgotten' personal data.

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Evident Proof Provides New Compliance, Provenance Toolset

Developed from a proof of concept conducted with Microsoft, Evident Proof announced on Tuesday the launch of a new Ethereum, token-based service that adds an immutable layer of provenance to data storage systems. The service aims to provide immutable evidence of the lifeline of the data, acting as a tool for regulatory compliance and other verification activities.

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The Need for Data Certainty in an Internet of Things Era

How blockchain technology can immutably prove the integrity of the vast quantities of IOT data powering businesses An era widely described as the fourth industrial revolution is well underway, as the Internet of Things provides businesses with the means to monitor and gain mastery over the environments they operate in – gaining vast amounts of business value in the process.

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