Evident Proof provides decentralised Immutable Proof as a Service (IPAAS)

Evident proof ushers in a new era of data security by providing a unified platform to store and record all transactions, a single source of truth that is easily accessible, transparent, unchangeable and tamper proof.


How Evident Proof solves the requirement for 100% Data reliability

Seal Creation

Seal creation The initial process is for the Immutable Evident Proof platform to take digital records, such as data transactions, events and documents and create a unique signature – which is called a “seal”

Proof Chain

The platform then stores these seals in an immutable ledger (on two blockchains), called a proof chain, from which reliable proof certificates can be obtained on demand

Proof certificate

The platform then generates the proof certificate, a report which verifies the correctness, completeness and time-order of any submitted digital records

The key advantages over Traditional Database Solutions

Data cannot be destroyed or hacked
Dispute and Court ready Data Proof Certificates
Reduces Risk, Improves Risk Management
Delivers Compliance
Reports/Auditing Service
Dispute Resolution

Easily Integrate the Evident Proof Platform to your existing and future applications with our toolkits

How Evident Proof delivers immutable proof


When transactions are executed and validated through Evident Proof platform, they get timestamped and added to an unchangeable chain of blocks in chronological order